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Get birthday gifts for charity:


MightyGift homepage

MightyGift gives users their own birthday page to collect money from friends and family for a charitable cause.

I’m one of those people who hates receiving gifts, partly because most unsolicited gifts are meh at best, useless on average, and straight up cringeworthy at worst. But really I don’t actually want/need stuff.

I do actively try dissuading others from giving me stuff, but there are always those who sneak past the goalie anyway. I figure if I can’t stop them from giving me something, I might as well put their generosity to good use.

Enter MightyGift, the app that lets them put the money they’d otherwise spend on ungrateful me towards something that I think is meaningful. There are a lot of cool, local charities out there, so I’m excited to share the causes I care about most as well as learn about the issues my friends and family find important.